• Jorge A. Azpurua Ramirez Is Currently A Managing Member At Green Hill Capital LLC

  • Posted on August 26, 2015
  • Jorge A. Azpurua Ramirez began his career in the finance and real estate industries when he took a position with Violy, Byorum and Partners LLC as a Mergers and Acquisitions Banker. During his time at this New York City-based financial boutique, Jorge A. Azpurua Ramirez was able to participate in the purchase of the Pepsi Cola bottling operation in Venezuela by The Coca Cola Company. It was a major acquisition and one which Jorge A. Azpurua Ramirez is proud to have been involved in.Additionally, he was involved in the issuance of debt and equity by Corporations GEO, a housing development company based in Mexico City, Mexico.

    In 1997, Jorge A. Azpurua Ramirez helped to acquire Pro Vivienda Entidad de Ahorro y Prestamo C.A. This was a housing financial institution would eventually be transformed into what later became a Universal Bank under the BanPro brand. Jorge A. Azpurua Ramirez has done a good deal of work with BanPro and watched it grow into one of the largest and most successful mortgage specialized banks in Venezuela. Eventually this bank would be sold and Jorge A. Azpurua Ramirez would return to real estate, where he served as Executive Director of a family real estate company, holding the position from 2007 until 2011 with Grupo Eiffel.

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